Leveraging Data For Better Healthcare.

15 December, 2022


Recently, the explosion in the volume and variety of data has proven difficult for health providers to manage. Providers need access to information about care you received elsewhere to have a complete picture of your health and provide the information needed to deliver better and data-driven care.

Today’s healthcare public and private sectors need to address these challenges in an innovative and timely manner:

  1. Paper-based records

    Papers are difficult to store, maintain, and prone to wear and tear. Keeping patients’ records mean handling a lot of paperwork as 70% of physicians spend 10 hours weekly1 on manual paperwork.

  2. Scattered medical records

    With 90% of hospitals losing their data 2 and individuals keeping tens of prescriptions and lab results at home, doctors will have to poorly diagnose when depending on scattered medical records.

  3. Medical errors

    The term “error” is negative and might sound malicious, but lack of patient information causes a ~15%3 misdiagnosis rate. Whether in normal cases or emergencies, knowing more about your medical history help doctors avoid doing something that could be harmful.

Patient-centered approach

You can take a more active role in your health and the health of your family. You can receive an electronic copy of your medical information whether it’s a doctor’s prescription or a lab test result to save digitally and securely make it accessible to share with your next Healthcare Provider (HCP).

Owning your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) improves communication between you and HCPs. While you are aware of your medical history and be the best advocate for yourself and your case, Information is shared fully and promptly in a secure HIE environment so doctors can make informed decisions.

How Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a game-changing

By eliminating manual paperwork and time accessing patient information we can empower all healthcare stakeholders to have access to better and data-driven care. HIE digitizes patients' medical records and builds the environment allowing care providers after patients' permission to have greater access to the information needed to know more about you and your health history before they recommend treatment.

For example, your care providers can make sure the treatment they give doesn’t interact badly with other medicines you may be receiving, or when you can’t remember what medications you are taking, HIE can make information about your conditions and medications available to your doctors. Studies showed that using a simple data-driven system reduced the error rate from 18.2% to 8.2% 4.

About Bypa-ss

We build Egypt’s first HIE platform that presents relevant information in an intelligent and timely manner, has the flexibility to integrate, organizes data so that it is easy to access and use, and provides an innovative ecosystem for future developments.

Bypa-ss provides SaaS solutions to patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers helping them reach affordable, accessible, and data-driven healthcare. Building the infrastructure for all digital healthcare information and the channel through which all healthcare stakeholders securely communicate medical information.